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We found this amazing image in The Big Picture’s wonderful photo gallery of lunar New Year’s celebrations, which began February 4,  throughout China and many other countries; it is the Year of the Rabbit, according to Chinese Zodiac. It also marks the beginning of Spring festivals throughout China, like this one in a Miao ethnic group village in Xijiang Town in southwest China’s Guizhou Province.  Around 1,000 people dined at a 280-meter-long table (about 300 yards).

We’d love to sit at THAT table (and wonder whose doing the cooking?)

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4 replies on “belated best wishes for the lunar new year!!

  1. Oh, if only modern cities, villages, towns were modeled to allow for a 1,000 seat table down the middle of the main thoroughfare. Those folks in Xijiang Town knew what they were doing!

  2. Beautiful use of open space! I can see this idea transferring to a block party or a stretch of beach or even a narrow city park!

  3. there is something so beautiful about this photo and human beings coming to together in full bloom of whats possible – as someone who has orchestrated many events…i am in awe of the threads that came together – the process – mesmerizing.

    reminds me a bit of 2006 when i was in Siena Italy for the Palio –

  4. Think of all the places you could do this, place tables end-to-end to make a giant one, to seat so many in some celebration, at table…

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