For years we’ve wondered why extension cords and power strips have to be SO ugly; we’ve secretly been waiting for an alternative that we won’t want have to hide under rugs or behind pictures propped on the floor. So we were thrilled to discover Multi Line, an almost perfect solution.

It’s essentially an extension cord that has plugs placed along the whole length rather than at just one end. It allows you to plug things in where you need them, leaving the vividly-colored cord exposed. Because it’s like a long, slender wire, it can be neatly arranged. It’s a cool looking thing unto itself. 

…It’s “almost perfect” because it only has two-pronged plugs, not grounded ones, so you can’t plug in your heavy duty equipment like you can a power strip. But we can definitely find a million uses for it, especially in spaces where outlets are few and far between.

…we’re waiting for this orange one to become available.

You can order them from ConnectDesign.

via Design Milk

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