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Another insightful mind-expanding post from Anne Herbert of Peace and Love and Noticing the Details, quoted here in full because it is so perfect:

Jack Nicholson, the actor, said he wished everyday life were like making a movie so when you messed up you could say, “Take two,” and have a whole other chance.

“That’s not a bug; that’s a feature” is an old computer programmer’s saying.

Markus Persson, in writing in the February 2011 Game Developers magazine about making his computer game “Minecraft” didn’t quote the saying, but did illustrate it. He said when he tried to make some pigs, they came out looking like “tall pillars with short stumpy legs,” and they moved very oddly. He colored them green, and called them creepers. Some people like them so much they’ve become a symbol of the game to fans.

I think I miss some feature opportunities when something doesn’t come out like I planned. I get annoyed at my lack of total foresight and control. Meanwhile, I could be asking questions forward. What color? Give what this is now, what is its true name?

Here’s the original pig model that ended up becoming the creeper (above):

We’re viewing “ASKING QUESTIONS FORWARD” as a life principle.

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4 replies on “what to do when things don’t go as planned

  1. I recall a college ceramics class in which I destroyed a vessel I was making in order to start again. As I did I noticed my instructors face fall. Later, when asked, he explained “You discarded something in order to make what you had designed in your mind rather than seeing the beauty you actually created”. I treat my work (architectural) differently today. I still edit, discard, rework, but not without taking time to understand what is there first.

  2. It sounds like you had a really wise teacher. And you put your finger on it “taking the time to understand what is there first”.

  3. I’m learning to apply this philosophy to mothering. i’m not sure if it’s more liberating for me or my kids.

  4. this site cheers me as i begin the process of adjusting to my new home in a new state far from friends and my children and grandchildren. the daily inspiration is like having an encyclopedia of richness to refer to. and not to mention the fun, seeing the hula hoop lady…thanks for all of it. suzy

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