We been KNOCKED OUT by the responses we’ve gotten to our teeny, easy contest to win a free, inscribed copy of Sally’s The Improvisational Cook. Check out the Comments following last week’s bookgivaway announcement to read some of the great, imaginative improvs reader’s have done in the kitchen. The deadline for entry is Thursday, April 14th, so you’ve got a couple of weeks to mull and create.

You can “look inside” The Improvisational Cook on Amazon or go to Sally’s website to read reviews and how it came about. “Schneider gives cooks the know-how to embellish, adapt, change, alter, modify and experiment in their cooking with plenty of encouragement and helpful information. Here are the tools and insights everyone needs to find his or own voice in the kitchen…”

For a recap on how to enter (it’s easy!), a few rules AND to read the great entries that have been submitted so far, click here.

We hope to read your kitchen adventures.

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