We recently saw a business card after our own hearts. Dave Hakkins made a stamp the same size as a normal business card so that he could stamp it on ANYTHING. He cuts out card size rectangles of paper, cloth, cereal boxes and then just stamps them: each one is a surprise. By this method, he’s managed to address what he likes and doesn’t about the classic business card:

“The good thing about business cards is that you have something touchable, what’s bad is that it always costs material and you will probably never hand out all the 500 pieces.”

We solved the problem by having stickers printed that we could stick onto any rectangle of material, to make an instant business card, or ones that just have ‘the improvised life’s url…(another great idea by Pamela Hovland)…Ribbons are our favorite material so far…

Tara Mann

via Unconsumption

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2 replies on “business card stamp

  1. i saw this post in my email this morning and laughed. my boyfriend is working on this very same thing for my business cards right now! we were going to use pre-perfed business card paper, but now i’m reconsidering the materials. i so much love the handmade business card approach, especially for the self-employed who live their business.

    thanks again for a great post!

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