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This weekend, Sally will be on The Splendid Table talking with Lynne Rosetto Kasper about Miso, and all the things you DIDN’T know you could do with it. You’ll also find Sally’s recipe for Grilled Miso Glazed Fish Filets and Steaks, just in time for grilling season (though it’s great done under the broiler as well).

Click here to listen to the show or download the podcast.

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4 replies on “sally on splendid table (with miso-glazed fish recipe)

  1. I now keep a container of this glaze in the refrigerator to use on fish and chicken. Brush some glaze on shrimp before grilling in a grill pan.

  2. It is amazing stuff as it lasts forever. Bear in mind that it is best if you marinate fish or shrimp with it for at least a few hours before cooking, as it creates a subtle transformation, curing the flesh slightly and then forming a caramelized outside. It also makes meat and chicken really succulent.

  3. Tried the half-red version on ribeye tonight. The crowd went WILD. Son said the texture was like a roasted marshmallow – – crunchy outside and creamy inside. Girlfriend claims she never knew what it meant to love steak before. Spread some of the unused marinade on bread and spread almond butter over that. Wow, this stuff is like an umame catalyst. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Thanks!

  4. Wow!!! this is great to hear. And you put your finger on it: umame: makes steak MORE SO. Thanks for letting us know!

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