We recommend taking 20 or so seconds to scroll down the great homepage Stockholm’s Berghs’ School of Communication exhibit of students’ work on the theme of Fear of Failure (click “Manifest” on the left). It is positively/actively therapeutic, a worthwhile digital affirmation/manifesto on the theme.

In honor of the exhibition, the Berghs’ made a series short videos of famous creatives talking about Fear of Failure. You’ll find the trove on Vimeo. Here’s the great Stefan Sagmeister giving his two cents:

Stefan Sagmeister – on the fear of failure. from Berghs’ Exhibition ’11 on Vimeo.

Via Brain Pickings.

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3 replies on “20 second therapy for fear of failure

  1. Thank you! I thought Milton Glaser’s comments were absolutely delightful!

  2. Broken link for the Berghs’ School page.

  3. Thanks. The link appears to have disappeared when the exhibition did. So we made the link directly to the Berghs’ School page.

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