bronx nyc taxi farmers
David Saltman

Two summers ago we profiled an intrepid group of New York City car service drivers who planted three little farms on abandoned pieces of land right in the heart of the Bronx. They harvested abundantly and each of their wives took turns cooking weekly feasts for the assembled breadwinners (and cornwinners and beanwinners).

We followed up last year, but alas, the growing season was a bust. “Way too much rain,” one of the taxi-farmers told us. Their corn, so beautiful the year before, withered on the stalk, their beans addled on the vine.

But hope springs eternal and this spring our taxi farmers are at it again, plowing the soil on a forgotten hillside in the Bronx near the spot where they wait for calls…planting corn, beans, onions, radishes and more.  The onions are already up and so are their hopes.

Bronx NYC taxi farm '11
David Saltman

Stay tuned for updates on the taxi farmer’s 2011 crop…

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