Don Wentworth poem Seven Steps to Heaven

Our friend Maureen Rolla sent us an email with two poems by her friend Don Wentworth, editor of the Lilliput Review, a print magazine dedicated to the short poem. They are from his recently released book Past All Traps. It was as though Maureen had dropped gifts into our laps. The first, above, about seeing – really seeing.

The second poem, equally good, is about mistakes:

mistake after mistake

after mistake, adding up

to just the right thing.

Right up our alley. We went right away to Amazon to buy a copy of Past All Traps for ourselves and a couple to give as presents. A book of poetry makes an unexpected (and illuminating) gift when you’re going to someone’s house for dinner, or….any reason at all. At $10, this one is a bargain.

Check out Issa’s Untidy Hut, Lilluput’s blog, where you’ll find great little nuggetines of poems.

Thanks Maureen!

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