Monopoly redesign for modern economy studio 360
Studio 360

Driving around the web recently, we found two swell free diversions for this weekend.

Public radio’s Studio 360 recently issued a challenge to its readers to redesign the classic game Monopoly to make it jive with our current economic conditions, from ponzi schemes to market crashes. Listen to the thinking here, and then download the board, instructions and game rules.

Meanwhile, the Library of Congress has created a digital National Jukebox from their archives of songs released by the Victor Talking Machine Company (between 1901 and 1925 (with the promise of more to come). Genres range widely 0perabluesyodelingjazz, and include some extremely rare recordings, like Enrico Caruso singing Serenata (below), one of many from the great singer.

via Open Culture and Studio 360

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