In 1951, while on tour of the Eames office, New Yorker artist Saul Steinberg picked up a brush and painted a naked woman on an Eames fiberglass arm chair.

Steinberg, in effect, hacked the Eames chair, turning chair into art and cooling out the iconic look; he also broke a taboo against making any changes to an artists work. We LOVE breaking taboos; finding examples fortifies us to ferret out our own. Steinberg is a great inspiration. Dig this bathtub:

Saul Steinberg

..and this fab upholstered chair:

Saul Steinberg

We feel like a dangerous little kid who REALLY wants to draw on something….


Via Accidental Mysteries via Herman Miller

And apologies for the lack of photo credits…haven’t figured out how to do that yet on this iPad…

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blank canvas furniture

copy this: paint a pillow…sofa…bedspread…curtain…

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