drawing in a knee and leg
Robert Picault

We have long loved to draw and write notes on our hands, but only occasionally have imagined the possibilities for drawing on the rest of our bodies. Then we found these two unattributed pictures from Under the Sun and really GOT IT, first with a charming Picasso-esque image (It IS Picasso) and then the wildly-liberated pint-sized artist’s scribblings below (slightly disturbing, though no harm seems to have been done).

There are so many possibilities, we wonder why we don’t see it more, as one more avenue of fashion and expression…

African face and body painting

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emergency medicine

to-do list tattoo

“why doesn’t everybody paint their own shoes?”

hat as “crown, battle cap, halo or horns…”




One thought on “body as artist’s canvas

  1. i didnt need focus today…but the idea was too good to resist, so my left wrist has


    on the inside of it. i love the improvised life! suzy lowinger

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