Maria Robledo cherries still life


This weekend, Sally will be on public radio’s The Splendid Table talking with Lynne Rosetto Kasper about fresh cherries, which are at their peak now. She’ll discuss way to improvise with the fabulous fruit, and reprise her spectacular, effortless recipe Warm Fresh Cherries with ‘Leaves‘. Check Splendid Table’s website for air times.

Click here to stream the segment.


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One thought on “sally talks cherries on splendid table (with recipe)

  1. I just read your lovely warm cherry recipe and thought I’d pass along a trick I came up with many years ago for pitting cherries without getting juice all over: Put the cherries in a plastic bag large enough so that you can put both your hands inside and pit the cherries with a pitter right in the bag. When you’re done, dump them out and discard the pits and stems.

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