A post in Zen Habits echoed what we’ve been thinking lately:

I don’t do boring exercise. If I hate doing something, I stop doing it. I don’t have enough life left to waste doing stuff I hate.

A big part of blogging is sitting on your ass, surfing thrillingly, but virtually; we don’t get enough exercise because we hate the gym thing and we don’t have much time these days, nor the $$ to pay a trainer to make us work out. We need exercise that we can do easily, that’ll get our heart rates up and really work some muscles and be fun, and that we’ll be self-motivated to do.

According to Zen Habits, PLAYING is the key:

…I exercise almost every single day, because I love it. How did I learn to love exercise? It’s simple: I play.

I play every day, and I love it. When exercise is play, you’re not forcing yourself to do it — you *want* to do it.

What FUN, playful exercise would fill our criteria? This mellow samba/rap instructional video from Hoopsmiles
 (John Coyne, with a guest appearance by Spinyang) instantly got us wanting to buy a hula hoop, something we’d been thinking about since we posted about Suzi Hoops a while back. It gives the basics on proper hooping, as well as figuring out the right hoop weight and diameter to get started with.

As does Your Hoop, an internet hoop store. We read their basic hoop info and ordered ourselves our first adult hula hoop:a cool black hula hoop (yeah, black). We’re gonna see how it works into our daily blogging. Stay tuned. If you prefer to MAKE YOUR OWN hula hoop, instructions are here.


What’s forms of play/exercise have you figured out?

via Neatarama

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