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We’ve written many times before about the fantastic Canal House Cookbook series, but this summer Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton took their work to a new level by hosting the first annual Smallholding Festival in Ottsville, Pennsylvania. The festival featured a number of skill-shares and do-it-yourself exhibitions including cheese-making, beekeeping, canning, bread-baking, and spit-roasting. Also on-hand was Margo True, the author of The One-Block Feast: An Adventure in Food from Yard to Table, which is worth checking out if you’re an aspiring urban farmer/gardener/d-i-y-er/beekeeper

Even though we’re telling you about this event after it’s happened, you can actually bring a few of the exhibitions directly to your own home. The Smallholding Festival website features four free pdfs with step-by-step instructions for food-based projects ranging from fairly simple—“No-Knead Bread” and “Making Brown Sugar Cured Bacon”—to the more ambitious “How to Build an Earthen Wood Fired Pizza Oven”and “Make a Spit Roaster in a Few (Easy-ish) Steps.

If anyone rigs up a spit-roast or pizza oven in their backyard, we hope you’ll send us the pictures…

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