zebra duct duck tape

Those of you who have been following ‘the improvised life’ are familiar with our love of colored tapes, both for pure decoration and for dressing up a practical application. So you can imagine how excited we were to stumble upon the above zebra duct tape at Target last week. We went in search of more patterns and found them at DuckBrand—17 colors and 11 patterned tapes to be exact, including faux leopard, neon and a Chanel-ish black-and-white check.  We imagine that a number of them would be really fun in a kid’s room, to decorate a package, to tape down an electrical cord, repair sneakersor even to fashion a chic, make-shift bandaid. You can check out the DuckBrand site for more duct tape “solutions,” which run the gamut from a duct tape “ax sheath” to duct tape wallets, satchels, bow ties and luggage tags. We even found a zebra’d tv on Google images.

zebra duct tape tv

zebra duct tape sandals

But nothing beats the duct tape and phone book dress.

Buy zebra duct tape.

Zebra duct tape tv phohto via Seabrook Designs.

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3 replies on “zebra duct tape!!

  1. My son’s binder is already falling apart after only a month of school, so I “hacked” it with flame duck tape and I think it will now last until next semester, also he loves the way it looks! It’s easy to wrap a binder, just take your time and keep the lines fairly straight.

  2. I love it.. I thought I was the only crazy nut to cover everything with black and white stripes.. WAY COOL… I do admit I haven’t done the television yet but it looks really good with stripes…

  3. i love zebra duck tape it is my favorite thing to buy at a store zebra duck tape is so awsome to use all the time love the tape it is my favorite i am getting some for my birthday it is so fun fun to play with at home i love zebra duck i like the pink zebra,the purpke zebra,the white and black zebra thosee are tthe best colors i ever seen in my my hole intire life praise the lord all the time love him with all of your hearrt i love zebra stuff my room is all zebra and so pretty love it yall!!!

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