Katherine Hepburn in barthtub, after hurricane of '38

the Great Hurricane of 1938 roared ashore while Katherine Hepburn was out playing golf in Fenwick, Connecticut: there was no radar or satellite to warn of what appears to have been a Category 4 hurricane. Somehow, she rode out the storm, although it destroyed her family’s summer home. Most of her belongings were lost or destroyed; an Oscar she won was found in the rubble.

hurricane 1938  Katherine Hepburn
photo: connecticut historical society

She rebuilt the house, out of brick rather than wood, and raised several feet to keep storms at bay. It stands to this day.

We hope everyone is safe and sound, without too many pieces to pick up. And we bid Irene, goodnight!

via Black and WFT

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2 replies on “…after the storm…

  1. Wow, the storm took the house but they still have the power to smile. That’s a really good attitude.

  2. Another example of humans’ power to overcome any impediment in their life, to be able to smile in the face of imminent destruction, to be positive when bad things come their way.

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