Two years ago, I started ‘the improvised life’ based entirely on the feeling that it needed to exist. Many people I knew were in critical transitions in their lives and facing the risk involved in new endeavors. A website about improvising as a daily practice—living more resourcefully and thinking outside-the-box—seemed timely.

Creating this site was a risk for me as well: using savings to fund an unproven project in the unfamiliar medium of the blogosphere. But since its start, ’the improvised life’ has gotten a wonderful response, and to my surprise, an amazing community has grown up around it. Readers write daily to say how much the posts inspire them to take small (or big!) steps toward new ways of doing things.

Holton Rower money sculpture
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Although I’m lucky to know a number of amazing people who’ve contributed ideas, photos, and writing to ‘the improvised life,’ keeping the site going has become a more-than-full-time job. It comes with HUGE rewards, none of them financial. I’m in the process of developing related projects to help subsidize ‘the improvised life’ without ruining the integrity of the space, so its content remains available and ad-free for all readers. 

Toward that end, I invite you to become a Friend with Benefits, a mutually-beneficial program that will provide support for ‘the improvised life’ and an ad hoc networking platform for its diverse community.

It works like this: readers can subscribe via PayPal for $5 or more a month ongoing. In return, we’ll post a link to their own website or blog in the sidebar on every page of this blog. If you don’t have your own site, but you still want to subscribe, your name can appear without a link, or you can choose your favorite nonprofit organization.

No content will be blocked or be “supporters-only,” but monthly supporters will be playing an essential role in allowing us to produce original posts every day, and get some traffic for their sites as well. Eventually, we hope to turn this listing into a directory, organized by category.

To become a Friend with Benefits, click here and follow the instructions to Suscribe. One-time donations are also MUCH appreciated.

Thank you deeply for being part of ‘the improvised life’ community.

If you’ve found illumination, joy, or inspiration in this post, please consider supporting Improvised Life. It only takes a minute to make a secure donation that helps pay our many costs. A little goes a long way towards helping Improvised Life continue to live ad-free in the world.

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  1. would like to make a paypal donation to you. I ADORE your site. It makes my day. Cassandra Greene

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