photo: david l. ryan/boston globe
photo: david l. ryan/boston globe

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  1. I have been thinking about improvisation, and what it means. I used to work as a newspaper reporter for Canadian daily papers and there was another reporter who had, in another life, done a lot of work learning about the art of improv on stage. He told me that improvisation was a valuable skill in the reporter’s tool box because when you go out on assignment things rarely unfold as planned. The person you need to interview declines the offer, the place you’re looking for is not on a map, or the story turns out to be something far different from what you had imagined when an editor handed you the assignment at your desk in the newsroom. And is life not the same?

  2. Thank you Leslie. You jarred loose memories of my early days of writing for magazines and going to find the story, sometimes before I actually had an assignment…Just GOING to Piemonte to find out about truffles, or Spain to find out about saffron and following the trail as one thing lead to another to another and a story would unfold. It was a thrilling, uncharted, RICH way of being. (And the stories ended up in what would become, what wasn’t yet, Saveur). Improvised Life is just a reminder what life is: improvised whether we are aware of it or not. But we can hone our improvisatioal skills, loosen them up, and shift our vision to see more of the possibilities.

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