We’ve done several posts about Pasti-Dip over the years; it’s a paint-like substance you can dip an object into to give it a sealed, rubbery surface. We’ve seen tools plasti-dipped to make them more grippable, and flea-market cutlery to give it a modernist chic, even bookshelves coated in rubber paint via the great Max Lamb. We hadn’t imagined how useful it could be to dip the bottom third of a basket until we found this picture on 2 or 3 Things I know. It turns out IT came from a how-to posted on marthastewart.com about dipping baskets in paint…We’d just assumed they used PlastiDip, which would give the baskets a pleasing graphic element,  seal their cracks and holes from small bits falling out, and fortify the weaving.

We like this Plasti-dip Rubber Coating Kit that comes with 5 tinting colors to play around with.

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2 replies on “baskets dipped in paint, liquid rubber, or plasti-dip

  1. please fix the cutlery link! I wanna see!

  2. So sorry; it’s fixed now. Thanks for alerting us.

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