photo: sally schneider

One of our favorite things to do is walk around the the city checking out the ingenious anonymous improvisations that appear randomly in our sight lines. Lately, we’ve been seeing some great makeshift bike carriers, like these refrigerator shelves that have been affixed to the backs of bikes which appear to be meant for food delivery. We also love these photos Ellen Silverman sent us, of a rather frou-frou bike with a Cousin Itt-meets-Cyndi Lauper vibe….

improvised bike carriers NYC

improvised bike basket

…with a milkcrate-as-saddle-bag embellished with paper flowers…

improvised bike carrier

We also really like this very utilitarian carrier, made with what appears to be a slide out basket shelf from a closet attached with bolts…

rigged bike carrier

It reminds us of the Chinese man we ran after when we saw him ride by on his bicycle with a wheely-bag trailer and storage bins…

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