Holton Rower '6ac6g' Pour Painting
6ac6g by holton rower

Our favorite painting of late is Holton Rower’s ‘6ac6g’, which, for a blessed few weeks was right around the corner from us at Pace Gallery. It caused quite a stir and has recently been written about in Art and Antiques with good reason; it is BEAUTIFUL.

We walked over several times to visit ‘6ac6g’ – happy to hang out with it in person. We’d stand back to kind of bask in it, then walk up close to look at the complex layers and swirls of color that seemed to pool onto the floor.

Since we can’t afford to BUY the huge, wondrous painting (and even if we could, it wouldn’t fit in our space), we took a picture, and now wake up to it every morning on our computer screen – it’s our screensaver. It brings to mind the feeling we had standing in front of the real thing. Awesome.

Though we are great believers in EXPERIENCING art first hand, we also think a lot is to be gained from virtual enjoyment, through books and the internet, because it can still transform the way we see. Art that way is better than no art at all.

Holton Rower Pour Painting as screensaver
photo: sally schneider

To make an artwork screensaver, you need a fairly high resolution image, saved to your hard drive. Just set your operating system to use it as a screensaver and voila!

(Check out the video we posted a while back of Rower creating one of his incredible ‘Pour Paintings’.)

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One thought on “holton rower-inspired artwork screensaver

  1. Yes, I completely agree with your comment about putting art in your life in any way possible. If you think about it, computers have provided a way to see and be inspired by more art than ever before.

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