Johnny Swing Butterfly Chair coins

We’ve always loved the Butterfly Chair made by the great Johnny Swing. He welded 1,500 half dollar coins at 7,000 points. It makes us want to pick up a welding torch…(we actually googled “how to weld“…)

Check out more Swing brilliance (made out of all sorts of coins) here. His story is quite something, too. We found a great article about him at Art Works Magazine:

“… he puts these ordinary things together in more interesting ways. It’s repurposing at its best. He says he likes to ‘take a worthless thing and make it beautiful.’ In discarded baby food jars, he sees chairs or chandeliers. A wheelbarrow is easily fashioned into a table. Nickels compose a couch. Dollar bills become the fabric for a teddy bear or a pillow.”

He’s been at it since he was a kid…

via Unconsumption

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