sculpted Balinese granite bathtub

Apparently this dramatic bathtub was made out of a “giant pebble-shaped granite piece brought back from Bali and sculpted”…The pipes fixtures are cleverly hidden in the wooden chest that sits next to it and the Baroque chandelier doubles as a shower head.

Hmmmm…we’re serious fans of baths and wonderful bathtubs. Could this one possibly be a pleasure to hang out in? How does that rolled lip support your neck and head so you can lie around and lounge without getting a crick? Could you even sit and lean comfortably? We’re suspicious; our bad design radar is up. (Bad design for us is design that seems like a good idea or looks cool, but it’s reality is the opposite.)

What do you think?

via French by Design

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6 replies on “annals of bad design?: sculptural bathtub

  1. I think it looks highly uncomfortable. Pardon my ignorance, but is ‘pebble’ a shape now? How can the granite boulder be ‘pebble shaped?;

  2. Ha! I hadn’t noticed that. Yes, I guess “pebble” is shape, and you can bet it will soon be the name of a lipstick.

  3. 1) I wonder how much that thing weighs, especially when full of water? Waterbeds are hard enough on floor joists.
    2) With all that mass, it would suck the heat right out of the bath water.
    3) Are there no “pebble-shaped” boulders closer to home???
    4) I nominate this bath for a Least Eco-Friendly design award, with a special nod for its faux natural look.

  4. It looks like I have a compatriot in haute-design criticism. Thank you for your great questions and comments. Funny and true.

  5. it was the name of a phone in the 90s. pretentiously called the ‘Pebbl’ how irritating is that?

  6. A chandelier as a shower head – that’s the best!

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