tent with solar panels Mongolia
photo: jeroen toirkens

The best part of Maria Popova’s Brainpickings blog is, for us, the glimpses she gives us into new books. With extensive pictures and well-selected quotes, she immediately and completely draws you in to the world of the book she’s featuring. This picture from the book Nomad by Jeroen Toirkens particularly spoke to us, as it reveals the life of people who must always be prepared to be on the move. A teepee with solar-panels and satellite dish in Mongolia somehow resonates with our obsession with portable rooms (both inside and out), and reminds us the many other ways of living that are going on right at this moment…

…and that “nomadic” life can take many forms…

…like this “church on wheels” we found on Black and WTF a while ago:

church automobile


More images of modern-day nomads on Toirkens’ site NomadLife.

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2 replies on “living a portable life via jeroen toirkens ‘nomad’

  1. I am a big fan of The Improvised Life. And I am also a fan of Brainpickings. Couple those with an interested in nomads, and it will be plain why this really appealed to me. When you click in make sure to scroll down to the church. I would actually prefer that to be my little house. Most of all, of course, I would prefer a Gypsy caravan, a vardo.

  2. That little house is sort of like a vardo (except on a car !) which we searched on google images and recommend everyone else do.

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