street tennis ingredients
photo: lauren malkasian

Film Maker/ProducerLauren Malkasian recently sent us this email:

“We love your daily inspirations and have very much been taken, moved and forever changed by ‘the improvised life’; it’s like a magic tonic everyday. So here is a little something from us, all the way from LA, that we thought you might enjoy.

We live on a street just out side Griffith Park. Our house is set on a hill and our daughter along with most of the kids in our neighborhood have little or no yard space to play in so she came up with this…Take a couple of street cones (she scavenged from some street workers who left them behind after a job) and a jump rope to make an impromptu net…

street tennis

street tennis improv

improvised street tennis

All you need after that is two rackets and ball and presto…street tennis.

street tennis

As soon as a car comes each of the two players grabs a cone and scoots off to the side of the road. It’s that simple!”


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One thought on “reader’s improv: street tennis

  1. Great idea. I can’t help but think of Wayne’s World and playing hockey in the street. Game on!

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