big rock as display case

This artwork by Marlo Pascual reminded us how great  a big rock can be to display stuff, especially this carefully balanced photograph. Perfect.

It called to mind the boulders Russel Wright used to prop up a red-painted sideboard that we posted from Artists’ Handmade Houses a while back:

photo: don freeman

Then we came across a picture on Remodelista of a tree trunk painted white. Shoot, we thought, remembering the sawed tree trunks that were lying around our local park after hurricane Irene felled some trees; the Parks department had cut them up but didn’t haul them away right away. We considered getting our trusty collapsable hand truck and hauling one home but never got around to it. We were busy and swept away and missed the opportunity. It would have made a great stool, seat, display or table-ette.

painted cut tree trunk stools and seats

But the big lesson in both of these images is the beautiful “housewares” nature can provide.

top photo via Atelier

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