On Dargelos’ Tumblr, we found this picture with a mysterious caption: “Leaf art found in Prospect Park.” 

It seemed too simple to be true. This leaf sculpture was so beautiful, we wanted to know more of the story. So we emailed Dargelos and asked. Right away, we got an answer:

“We were literally just walking through the park, about to exit and Max noticed it at our feet. It broke soon after : ( “

So we wrote back: “Was it just made of leaf? It looks almost like it had been gold leafed… wonder if someone was just hanging around and took a knife or swiss army knife to it..”

Dargelos wrote: “Just leaf- we thought they probably did it when the leaf was fresher because it crumbled so easily… inspiring.”

Yes, indeed. Inspiring. We wonder who the anonymous artist was, and why they left the beautiful leaf work behind…perhaps to be found…or to remain…as random as nature.

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3 replies on “a leaf becomes an artwork (you can make art anywhere)

  1. just glue it to thick paper and frame it! indeed beautiful

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