(Video link.) A longtime reader of ‘the improvised life’ sent us this swell video as a New Year’s greeting:

“3 girls singing at a kitchen table, with empty cottage cheese containers providing the rhythm section”

It seems to us like a perfect, charming New Year’s reminder of just what we can do with the most ordinary of things, of the possibilities that lie in every moment.

(The three girls are members of Erato, a Swedish student vocal group.)

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4 replies on “erato’s a capella song with plastic container percussion

  1. I love it! My family does a more rustic version while playing cards. We sing and tap the bottom edges of the cards on the table while waiting for the next person to play!

  2. I just posted this on Facebook. Lovely song. Lovely singing. And appropriate for the new year in exactly the way that The Improvised Life describes.

  3. THAT IS GREAT. There is something so amazing about singing/drumming with people, a capella…

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