Recently, we’ve been on the hunt for great lighting, that is, lighting that is cool looking and gives us the option of as much light as we want to adjust hi-or-low with a dimmer. We keep finding wonderfully designed lights with really low wattage bulbs, like 40 or 60, which rule them out. We want at least 100 watts worth.

As always when we can’t find what’s in our heads (which is surprisingly often), we look around to see if we can make it ourselves. For a while now, we’ve been a fan of lighting designer Lindsay Adelman’s free d-i-y lighting plans (there are four on her website)  which give you a basic plan, parts, where to buy them, and how-to’s  – information that makes it possible to improvise. A note in the You Make It section of her site says:

“Experimenting with off-the-shelf parts is how Lindsey got started before designing and manufacturing the custom system for the Bubble Series.”

We’re inspired. We’re already looking into “modifying” some of Adelman’s plans to see if we can use different bulbs (which may mean using different sockets), but feel confident we can do it because she’s provided SO much great information.

Adelman encourages improvising on her plans, like this take on her Chandelier via Le Boeuf

which started as this:

One of the many generous gifts on the internet. Thanks Lindsey, for knowledge and inspiration!

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2 replies on “lindsay adelman’s brilliant d-i-y lighting plans

  1. Fabulous! Love how branch-like they are, at least in photos. Will be adding to my idea file. Lighting is so intimidating to buy. How does that chandelier mount in the ceiling? Looks like Magic! I expect a fairy to land on it.

  2. Good questions. Here’s the chandelier diagram. It looks like a metal loop you would attach via a hook…and the wire has a plug that I’m sure could be hardwired. I also imagine that you can buy various ceiling plates at any of the stores she mentioned. If you make one send us pictures. I’m going to try it in my new space (when I get some time…)

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