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We received this letter via snail mail recently with a generous check enclosed and have been flying high off it ever since. Not only is the admiration flattering, but the knowledge that all the work that goes into this blog is meaningful to people sustains us in a big way. A true gift.

This little website we started three years ago on a hunch that it would resonate with people is growing, and we have some new projects on the way we think you’ll enjoy. But as we continue to grow, we still face the reality that maintaing the site has a financial component. We know you want us to avoid cluttering up the site with ads (and we want that too!). But there is often a cost to doing what you love, and we hope that if you love what we’re doing, you’ll consider becoming a friend with benefits and supporting us on a monthly basis, or making a one-time donation. Thanks dear readers. Look out for announcements soon…

With big thanks to Vaughan Greene.

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