photo: peggy markel

Our intrepid friend Peggy Markel just arrived in India to prepare to lead one of her amazing culinary adventures, Tasting Royal Rajasthan. She sent us this amazing picture of an ironing board computer table and the story behind it:

“We’re staying with a new friend, Rajiv Jani, friend of a friend. It is his rig, was already here. I knew you would love it. I thought to call it ‘permanent press’. Here’s how it came about:

Rajiv lived in Atlanta for 10 years and had all of his stuff shipped back to Delhi. He set up the ironing board in a spare room for his ironing. But he found out that he could have his shirts ironed for 2 rupees each. (1/2 a penny.) 25 shirts? $1.00.

He was looking for a place to set up his home computer and set a few things down on the ironing board until he found the right place. His electronics started growing there as that was where the internet connection was and the wiring was getting too complicated to move.To buy a new table from Ikea would cost $150. Then you need a chair.

He just sort of crouched over the computer, standing up. But when his father came to visit, he liked to play solitaire on the computer. With bad knees and being 72, he thought, ‘why not lower the ironing board down?’ He found a stool that was home to a piece of art and nicked it for a chair so that he could sit crossed-legged (Indian style) on the floor. 

‘Why do I need to buy a table?’ thought Rajiv. ‘In two years I have to move again’.

This was an innovative solution to not buying what you don’t need. (and had nothing to do with money)…

He is a doll. He made us a hot porridge of semolina and spices last night at 1:40 am, which we drank with Old Monk Rum (made here in India). His chai is to die for.”

…her first few hours in India and the adventure has already started via the brilliance and generosity of a “friend of a friend”; what a welcome! And we got the great story behind the ironing board computer table, which came about by Ravi asking himself “Why not?”, our favorite question.

photo: peggy markel

We look forward to more revelations from Peggy on her travels (and wish we could taste that chai)…and Indian rum…who knew?!!

Old Monk Indian Rum
photo: peggy markel

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2 replies on “sighting (india): ironing board computer table

  1. I lost it in a move but I used to have this beautiful wood table from Ikea that had an ironing board-like legs to it so it adjusted and adjusted.

    It was my desk for years. It was the only thing I could get low enough to fit me while I sat on an exercise ball. This was 8 or 10 years ago. I now have a not-good-fit workstation with my exercise ball but… it was a wonder while I had it.

    (beautiful butcher block too)

  2. im with you 100%

    why buying something you really don’t need.
    (not a question of money)

    my ironing table work great as desktop for my homeworks

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