photo: philippe halsman

We love of images of people jumping and leaping and have posted quite a few: they seemed like apt visual metaphors for a life principle, of being willing to take leaps…risk…or just jump for joy.  In 1959 , photographer Philippe Halsman published a series of famous people jumping. Our favorite is Eva Marie Saint, leaping with such joyous abandon.

It’s clear to us that when you jump, no matter who you are, you jump -if only a little – out of your usual stance, witness Halsman’s picture of the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor.

photo: philippe halsman

via Retronaut

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4 replies on “jump! leap! (philippe halsman)

  1. The facial expressions say it all in the Duke and Duchess of Windsor photo. They’ve even left their shoes behind. Thanks for these images and thoughts.

    Your words brought to mind Dancers Among Us, Jordan Matter’s project–photos at

    Sometimes you only have to witness the leap.

  2. liberating.

    He was good , all his subjects,so poised but honestly.


  3. Thanks for that: “Sometimes you only have to witness the leap.”

  4. Love those Royals! They just look like so much fun, or at least willing.

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