Read a Valentine heart shape from top to bottom. and it says the two can become one.

Read it from bottom to top, and it says the one can become two with the two still connected.

Read a Valentine heart shape as a whole, and it says wholeness is a place to live with room inside for the liquid of life and many adventures.

There are seventeen reasons why I feel good today, and I mostly don’t know what they are.

About twelve are related to relating to you. Like reason six is a good thing that I didn’t have before we connected.

Reason seven is a good thing I did have before, but because of being connected to you, it’s stronger.

You know.

Words by the great Anne Herbert at Peace and Love and Noticing the Details

2 replies on “happy valentine’s day ’12 from ‘the improvised life’

  1. best valentines card EVER seen.
    Almost as good as the ones my husband makes for me.

  2. Wow, that’s a big compliment coming from you. Your husband makes amazing valentines.

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