Earlier this week we asked our readers to cast their vote and help us win a Homie Award for best DIY and Home Design blog. We then realized that you have to jump through hoops to vote, going through a whole rigamarole to register on their website. Not to mention that we’re not exactly a Home Design site, nor a DIY site, were both and more…life design…maybe… or …what?…We’ve decided not to push the voting anymore, but THANKS SO MUCH to all of you who took the time to do it!

Just being nominated brought a lot of new people our way. One sent us this email

I just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely had to tell you how much I love every single thing about it! You guys are an amazing collective with fresh ideas! Bravo!

We figure we won after all.

PS: We’ve discovered that our sweet fan letter came from Tracy Metro and it turns out she found us on her own steam…didn’t even know about the Homies (:

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4 replies on “how we “won” the awards

  1. I’m SO ok with putting my name on that quote. It’s true! It’s true! I’m a HUGE fan. Funny enough, I did not find improvisedlife.com via the Homie Awards. Heck, I didn’t even know there was such as thing as the Homie Awards were til now!

    But, rest assured you are MY homie 😉

  2. Well what do you know?!!! We WILL put your name on that quote and amend it….even better…you found us on your own and left that great note.

  3. I “discovered” you from an email forwarded to a friend that was forwarded to me about elder fashionistas. I looked around your blog at what else there was to see and was delighted by the variety of goodies I found. Now I can’t wait to find out what’s next. (P.S. I’ve never heard of a Homie either.)

  4. It is SO swell to have people like you telling us how they found us, in your case 2 forwards. We often wonder how often our emails get passed along. Welcome and hurray!

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