NY Times wrapping paper
photo: carol mcdonnell

Carol McDonnell sent us an email about her very cool, very impromptu wrapping paper:

Now that the NY Times has beautiful large full color photos, I decided not buy paper, but use it to wrap several books. The giraffe and the donkey head from the Whitney make a charming way to recycle . . .

I’m nuts for both these shots . . . and am going to use them as wallpaper for my laptop and phone.

We love it! (and no instructions necessary)…

…it made us think of Pamela Hovland’s charming Magazine Page Envelopes.

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One thought on “reader improv: ny times illustrated wrapping paper

  1. I wrap my often-used (and therefore stained) cookbooks in NYTimes pages also. They make a great visual on the shelf in the kitchen. And a constantly changing one. As newsprint fades after several months, the books require new wrappings a few times a year.


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