Jim Devenan's Outstanding in the Field

We’ve been so impressed with Jim Denevan’s amazing sand and snow creations, that we forgot he’s also is the mastermind of a fantastic traveling food project. Outstanding in the Field is a “roving culinary adventure” meant to connect people to the land where their food originates and the people who work hard to produce it.

Outstanding in the Field creates pop-up food happenings at farms and ranches (and other scenic delights) across the country. They set up a long table that sits over 100 guests, and local chefs work their magic to prepare four-course meals using entirely local meat and produce. There is nothing like the experience of sitting down to eat on the land from which your food has come. Their 2012 schedule has just been announced, so you can check and see if they will be coming to a town near you.

Jim Devenan's Outstanding in the Field

Of course, events like this take some money to produce, which means attending an Outstanding in the Field meal (which includes a tour of the participating farm) is quite expensive at $200 a ticket. But we want you to think of this as inspiration for a meal you can do with your own friends and family. Set up your own big table; all you need is a bit of open space, some local food, and good company.

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2 replies on “outstanding in the field (true farm to table)

  1. Small correction: the tickets are $200, at least at all the venues I looked up on the east coast!!! (DE, PA – none in MD, my current roost).

    LOVE your blog.

  2. Thanks. The price seems to have sneaked UP since we wrote the post…

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