It seems that once we start focusing on a subject, we begin to find all sorts of solutions and iterations. Lately, it appears to be shelving…

Recently on Remodelista, we spotted these clamped together shelves used at Dyke & Dean, a housewares store in Hastings, East Sussex, England. It reminded us of the clipped together cardboard box shelving we posted about a while back, that ultimately turned into a several post riff (see Related Posts, below). Basically, Dyke and Dean’s are made of simple plywood boxes, stacked in various ways, and secured with metal clamps, for clean, industrial look.

It turns out there is a whole WORLD of cool clamps, beyond the classic “C” Clamp. We’re wondering what we could do with this pulley clamp we found at Carolina Biological Supply (a source for all sorts of useful tools for off-use):

…and dig this beautiful Brancusi-esque wooden test tube clamp

and then there are these handsome copper plated “C” clamps:

We fell down a rabbit-hole, into the world of clamps…(who knew?!!)

As for plywood boxes, Ikea’s got some good-looking inexpensive ones:

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