'Improvised Life Pinterest: Storage

At Pinterest, we’ve been creating collections of images – boards- under specific categories like Lighting, Storage Solutions , Art and Artists, Food and Cooking – even Shipping Pallets!. They allow you to navigate ‘the improvised life’ through its images, so you can poke around our vast archive in freer, more organic way. When you see an image that interests you, you can click on it to go right to the original post, to find information, commentary and more images. For example, if you’re looking for storage ideas, just stroll through our Strorage Solutions board, or for a morning lift, check out

Inspirational Signs and Quotes.

Improvised Life Pinterest: Inspirational Signs and Quotes

We plan gradually to upload most of ‘the improvised life’s images to Pinterest, as an added navigation tool, and to bring our “attic” to light. Find us in a whole new way at www.pinterest.com/improvisedlife.

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