Hans Hofmeester filmed his daughter Lotte once a week for the past twelve years. Then he edited snippets of film together to produce this time-lapse video of her growing from a baby into lovely 12-year-old, in under 3 minutes.

For us, GROWING is the operative word. Once you get past 40 or 50, aging often becomes  something of conceptual downer, with images of life being half over, on a downward slope toward…the end. This video reminds us that aging is about growing, learning, understanding, revelation, fulfillment…and always:  possibility.

via Kottke

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4 replies on “aging as growing (0 to 12 years old in 3 mins)

  1. This is lovely, and the father/photographer has the privilege of hearing all those thoughts spouting from her lips. Will she become a writer?

  2. and, silly editor, I’m almost 60 and my life, perhaps because things were a bit rough in the beginning, just keeps getting better and better. There are things we cannot change (aging perhaps) but we can always make an attitude adjustment. I feel a lot like Lotte, filled with joy and amazement.

  3. i found it amazing how something about her seems to remain unchanged, maybe an expression in her eyes .
    There is something we take with us through all changes .


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