Alvar Aalto stool knock-off

Our posts about Ikea’s inexplicable decision to stop carrying their endlessly useful Frosta stool in North American stores got many responses from our readers: “Yes, we want the Frosta stool” they shouted. Alas, Ikea has such a Byzantine corporate structure, it seems like a lost cause.

That is, until Celine, of The Happily Every After blog alerted us to a good-looking knock-off she found.  “After a seemingly hopeless search, I finally found these deadringers for the Frosta on Amazon.”

She’s waiting for hers to arrive so can’t attest to their quality, but they look pretty good to us: a four-legged version of the Alvar Aalto stool that Ikea knocked off. It comes in both blond and dark veneers. The dark version made of bent poplar with wenge veneer that can be had for 4 for $38. Curiously, four blong wood stools go for $112 – $28  each –  a good price still.

It’s another example of the principle that there is ALWAYS an answer, somewhere… maybe not right away, but eventually it shows up…

Thanks Celine! Let us know how the stools are in person.

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