cheap potted flowers placed in a bowl, opening
photo: sally schneider

We written a couple of times about the big transformation of pots of inexpensive potted bulbs when you tilt the whole root ball out of its plastic pot and into a wide ceramic bowl.

But we never showed what actually happens over the course of a week as the tightly-closed bulbs open and bloom. So we photographed  the hyacinths that we’d plunked into a Smarta bowl from Ikea about 5 days ago. All we had to do was water them lightly every few days. Over days we watched the plants transform in front of our very eyes. We realized that we had actually created a tiny tabletop garden, whose subtle changes we could enjoy daily.

The key is to buy bulbs that are tightly closed and just poking through the soil, so you can watch the wondrous transformation into bloom.

photo: sally schneider


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3 replies on “making a table garden with cheap potted bulbs

  1. Hyacinths, and not Hydrangeas
    At least I think so!

  2. You are absolutely right. Thanks for the catch…I am moving way too fast.

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