photo: maria robledo

Photographer Maria Robledo emailed us a couple of images of her impromptu flower arrangements, with these words:

I love making these freehand arrangments.

I dont start with that intention, i start with looking at the leaf or flower as a photo then i bunch ’em together w/o thinking

it’s a surprise to me too because they just come out to look so pleasing.

We admire how fluid her process is: she doesn’t start with an idea in mind. A leaf or a flower grabs her and then she’s off  “bunching them together” to discover how they will  arrange themselves…

…like the blossoms that ended up – unexpectedly, charmingly –  inside the jar/vase…

photo: maria robledo

It’s what weaver Annie Albers called “dictation of the materials”

photo: sally schneider

Thanks Maria!

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flowers akimbo (un-arranged)
vase-less flower arrangement (right on the table)

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One thought on “freehand, no-rule flower arrangements

  1. One of my favorite quotes.
    Thanks for the always-inspiring ideas.


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