(Video link here.) They say that moving homes is one of the most stressful of life events. We are finding that to be true, due to the sheer volume of details that makes up a life: it’s as though we’re in an avalanche, crushed by how much there is to do. Though we keep things pretty spare, we are wondering how things got so complex.

What if we didn’t have all this stuff and accounts and fierce need for HOME? It got us thinking about the video we saw recently about Daniel Suelo who one day decided to give up all money. He moved to the wilderness of southeastern Utah, where he makes a cave his home, foraging for food, living by his wits, creativity and the generosity of friends. Says Daniel:

My philosophy is to use only what is freely given or discarded, and what is already present and already running.

We admire and are amazed by Daniel. He also makes us realize how much we LOVE and are grateful to have a space, a place…how much we are looking the new one (and path) we’ve been creating.

Via Open Culture

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2 replies on “Redefining home: He Quit Money To Find Another Way to Live

  1. we move every five years. and, what we do is start over. sell everything and move just with suitcases. so far: sf, cameroon, madagascar and this summer, barcelona.
    it is very liberating! but scary, too. that’s good, right?!

  2. Nina. That’s awesome what you do starting over with every move!! Well wishes on your adventures!

    What a great and thought provoking video! Thanks for sharing today!

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