We are smitten with these vintage plywood children’s chairs whose very direct, modern lines and whimsical port holes make us envision an adult version. (Turned on it’s side, a chair could easily morph into a table…). There’s something Donald Judd-esque about them, softened by the curved corners. They wouldn’t be too hard to copy…They look like something we’d find in Furniture in 24 Hours…

via An Ambitious Project Collapsing via Mass Modern Design

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2 replies on “copy these: plywood chairs + tables (for kid’s or adults)

  1. Hi,
    Have you ever seen this book?
    My industrial designer uncle let me see his copy, decades ago, but wouldn’t let me borrow it. I finally found one in a used bookstore a few years ago. I think you’d find an awful lot to love in there.
    I continue to love your blog; keep it up!


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