Dollar sign money street lines

In our hunt for material that resonates with ‘the improvised life’,  we have decidedly subversive leanings. We love people who SEE the accepted order differently and put their mark on it, like this great, simple way designer Sebastrian Errazuriz transformed ordinary traffic lines into $$ signs, in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

If people feel impotent and cornered by how greed is transforming everything; I invite them to get a brush, a can of paint and go out and change their street lines into Dollar signs. People need to find new ways to remind others of the general discontent.

But then again, living improvisationally IS naturally rather guerilla-esque. It demands cultivating a more open lens with which to see the possibilities in the moment (like a $ sign in a street line) and a willingness to look for unexpected answers.

dollar sign street lines

Seeing the work of artists like Errazuriz inspires our own little acts of improvisation.

via Core 77

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One thought on “improvisation is a guerilla action

  1. This is inspiring! I’m going to pass it along. Here’s another project for community involvement– . Get involved and transform an urban parking space into a public park on September 21st!

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