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Last week we posted a recipe for Strawberries in Beaujolais Sauce from Sally’s A New Way to Cook, and thought: what better way to kick-off the summer than to give the book away?! And a signed first-edition copy at that. These hardcover editions with the jazzy stripe-ed covers are now out of print and hard to find.

When A New Way to Cook was first published in 2001, it completely turned the idea of “healthy eating,” on its head. Instead of telling you what you can and can’t eat, and what foods are “good” and “bad,” the book explores how to use “taboo” ingredients like butter, oil, and animal fats in often radical new ways to make healthy and satisfying dishes. It’s also the book where Sally started to play with improvising in the kitchen, years before The Improvisational Cook hit the shelves. In 2009, A New Way to Cook was voted one of the best food books of the decade by the Guardian. We know a lot of people who use it as their “basic” cookbook.

Over the years, we’ve featured some of its recipes here, including lemon-scented olive oil, root vegetable crema, and foolproof roast turkey. More recipes and the chance to peek inside the book can be found over at But with over 700 pages of recipes and techniques, we couldn’t even begin to scratch the surface on this blog.

So, no strings attached to this one. Just comment if you’d like a copy and we will pick a winner at random on June 19th. Good luck!

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128 replies on “book giveaway: sally schneider’s ‘a new way to cook’

  1. This is my favorite cookbook. I would love to be the random winner of a signed copy!

  2. I’d be delighted to win this cookbook!

  3. Winning Sally’s book would be the ultimate summer treat!

  4. Love Sally’s blog-such fresh creative ideas-book should be awesome too!

  5. I would love to try some recipes from her new book. The first one is a book I often refer to–like advice from an old friend. 🙂

  6. I love Sally’s work and would truly love to be a winner.

  7. Is it open to international entries? If so, I would love a copy! 🙂

  8. I grew up with a copy in the house, and would now love my own copy!

  9. Love to cook, love to eat, love to have this book.

  10. One of my favorites. Would love a copy to give my daughter or my son – both adventurous, fearless cooks.

  11. I’ve been wanting a copy of this cookbook! Thanks for the chance!

  12. OOOOOh! Hope you pick me.

  13. I collect first editions and would be honored to add this wonderful book to my collection. I would use it to cook for family and friends because that is what I love to do.

  14. I would love to have a copy of this.

  15. I would love a signed copy!

  16. I’d love this. Thanks!

  17. Please throw my name in the hat. I’d love to have my very own copy. Thanks.

  18. Would love to win this book!

  19. If selected, I will try and keep the cookbook clean. Ha ha.

  20. One of my favorite cookbook authors. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  21. Would love another go-to cookbook!

  22. Who wouldn’t want a copy of this book? I have one, but it would be such a wonderful book to give to a friend who has somehow gone through the last decade without it!

  23. Would love the chance to own the cookbook! The strawberries in Beaujolais sauce were great!

  24. My copy of The Improvisational Cook is looking for some company!

  25. I would love a copy of the book!

  26. Would love a copy of this book! Thanks for the competition offer! Looks so interesting!

  27. Count me in as a contender for this book with such a tantalizing reputation!

  28. Thanks for the opportunity to win…I would love this!

  29. The Improvasational Cook Cookbook turned my culinary thinking on its head. Woudl love a SIGNED copy of a New Way To Cook to add–although I have a used one already.

  30. I never win anything but I sure would enjoy this book! Thanks.

  31. I, too, would love to have my own signed copy. Hearing Sally on The Splendid Table has always been one of my favorite features of that show. Thanks for The Improvised Life, it is one email I ALWAYS open.

  32. I Appreciate the opportunity to receive this book…btw, thank you for this and all the other postings!

  33. Unlike the other post, I think a dirty cookbook is a sign of good one! Thanks for letting us all have a chance at winning.

  34. I’ve been drooling over this book for a long time. Include me on your list of who would love a copy.

  35. I’d love to have this book. Your blog is great! Thanks

  36. I teach pepple to cook, without recipes, in their own kitchens.
    I am amazed by how fearful and “recipe-dependent” many pepole are!
    Teaching techniques, and familiarizing clients with ingredients, is a given.
    My goal is for clients to feel free enough to PLAY in the kitchen!
    “the improvised life- daily” is all about living in PLAY. I would love to have your perspectives of playing in the kitchen, also, to assist in spreading the wonder and richness of improvisational cooking.

  37. I love integrating improvisation in all things into my life, and the amazing daily emails from T.I.L. help keep that forefront in my mind. Would love a chance to bring that into the kitchen with words and ideas from the master. Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. Hi Sally:
    I’ve been a fan of your blog since Peggy Markel recommended your “The Improvisational Cook,” which I own and love, years ago. I’d love to cook from your first book, too! Your site is inspiring on many levels and I appreciate your viewpoint on life, your photos and your connection to vibrant living.

  39. Please add my name too…. thanks.

  40. This is my lucky day…stumbling onto this blog and cannot express how delighted I am to even have the change to get this book. Thanks.

  41. How have I not heard about this book until now? Must get myself a copy!

  42. What a summer delight to have this fine book to improvise from. Please add my name to the hat!

  43. I would love to win this book!

  44. I would LOVE to have this book – I use The Improvisational Cook all the time and rave about it to everyone.

  45. would be a great gift for someone.

  46. Oooh Sally- It would be so great to have your wonderful book in my cookbook library, nestled up next to The Improvisational Cook!

  47. Heard Sally on Splendid Table last week- really enjoyed the segment! Would love the book!

  48. Ooooh! oooh! I want a copy soooo bad. Pick me!

  49. It would be an honor to have my own copy. Sharing the food I prepared from Sally’s cookbook would be a treat for all my family and friends!

  50. I have checked out your book many times from the library and would love a copy for myself!

  51. I’d love to win a copy but after “taking a look inside,” I’ll buy it if I don’t win! Thanks for spreading the joy of improvising.

  52. Even if I lose I win since you use her recipes in your column….a win/win situation.

  53. I’d love a chance to win this book. Just in case I don’t, I’m getting it from my local library for a test drive!

  54. Dont worry. I’ll keep reading even if I don’t win! Thanks for all you do to keep me open To all possibilities each day.

  55. I would love the book. The Improvisational Cook made me fall in love with cooking again.

  56. There’s always room on my kitchen shelf for one more amazing cookbook.

  57. I can’t beleive I haven’t stumbled onto this cookbook before this! Thanks for always intoducing us to such awesome people and their ideas.

  58. I’d love a copy! I’m retiring in 9 months and can’t wait to have more time and energy to COOK!

  59. When I enrolled in cooking’s school of hard knocks, “A New Way to Cook” was one of the first cookbooks I learned about so I checked it out from the library, bought it and loved it. I still use it – someone will really love this summer giveaway!

  60. How to make desserts with less sugar? Yes please! I’d happily trade several dozen mediocre cooking mags for one great cookbook.

  61. I would love love love to have it and thank I look forward to you posts

  62. Yes! I was introduced to Sally via Splendid Table and am always inspired by her.

  63. PLEASE>>>>>>>>>>> put me in the hat to win A NEW WAY TO COOK…..I gave my copy to a friend in Spain and now it’s hard to find….Lucky Man in Madrid.


  64. Count me in! I would loooove to have this book.

  65. would love to get a copy of this book!

  66. I love the Splendid Table and would be overjoyed to have this cookbook.

  67. How have I missed this one? Would love a copy.

  68. i would love a copy of Sally’s book. recently my diet has been altered to not include dairy or gluten.. i have not eaten meat for several decades. this new challenge has opened up still further curiosity about what to eat.

  69. Your Essential Chocolate Cake for Improvising was a revelation for me. I made it for a birthday with the last precious bit of gros sel aux herbes de provence. Now it is a family tradition. I have room for very few cookbooks but I would love to have a copy of yours.

  70. Your website is my morning coffee! Thank you for your inspirational work. And I’d love a copy of the new cook book.

  71. The Improved Life and my morning cup of coffee start each day with inspiration and get up and go. Thank you for the lift off. I am a cook who likes to improvise and would love a copy of Sally’s book.

  72. This book truly lives up to it’s title and reputation. I have used it since it came out and have given it to friends. My copy is worn out, so I could definitely use a new (signed) one.

  73. I love this book! I have checked it out of our public library several times and am a fan of Sally’s.

  74. When we are creative with food and ingredients, it’s just like creating any artwork…we have a general idea, jump in, learn from our mistakes and adjust until we love what we have. Then….we move onto the next thing and start over again!

  75. count me in, i would love a copy and june 19th is my daughters birthday. suzy lowinger

  76. I so look forward to every article daily. Meg Hitchcock…Really??? Incredible artist. Standing desks – changed my way of looking at things around here, that’s for sure. Thank you for…THE INSPIRATION!

  77. Like so many others, I would love to have a copy of A New Way to Cook. And thanks for the offer.

  78. Yes please! So inspiring!

  79. I am inspired daily by what Sally does. Would love to have this special copy of A New Way to Cook.

  80. ……just discovered you this a.m. while browsing Remodelista! What a great discovery for the curious mind!! Like opening a fresh book with anticipation of what the chapters will hold for you.

  81. Sounds mysterious and enticing! Would love this cookbook!

  82. yes! yes! yes! yes, Sally! yes, “a new way to cook”

  83. What fun! I love improvising with food!

  84. I love your The Improvisational Cook, and am saying that only partly in hope that you will pick me for the book giveaway.

  85. Definitely looking for a ‘new way to cook!’ 🙂

  86. This book would be a most welcome addition to my kitchen!

  87. I would really enjoy having this cookbook!

  88. I have wanted a copy of this book since it was published. It is really a classic that proves that health and delicious are VERY compatible.

  89. Would love a copy of this book. It is on my Amazon wish list.

  90. The book sounds wonderful. I’d love a copy.

  91. Would love this cook book. I am always trying new, better, healthier cooking. Could use a new inspiration.

  92. I’d like a new way to cook!

  93. I would love a copy of the book. I’m going make the cole slaw this weekend for Father’s Day dinner.

  94. I’ve always considered myself an improvisational cook but adding The Improvisational Cook to my library really amped up my skills and helped me expand my creativity and organize my thinking. I can’t wait to experience A New Way to Cook!

  95. Like all the others, I would love to have a copy of this book. It is on my Amazon wish list.

  96. I do want “A New Way to Cook,” as long as it will still include cole slaw. I love, love, love cole slaw.


  97. We are about to revolutionize how we eat/cook in our house, and this cookbook would be an amazing and inspirational guide. Even if we don’t win a copy, we will have to buy one, since the recipes are so, so delicious!

  98. What a great give away! This book has been on my want list for awhile! Good luck everyone 🙂

  99. This book should be in every cooks library.
    Sally’s writing is always informative , honest , insightful and entertaining!
    The recipes are a well edited combination for every taste.
    it is a book that you will use and refer to often. It is a classic.

  100. I love this blog, and I love the recipes and the ideas of the recipes that you have posted!

  101. I continue to be amazed at your site – been reading your blogs for almost a year I think, probably more – just bad with these kinds of dates. I continue with EVERY day to get inspired. My job as a project managr is very business, no art (except when we get to have collaboration sessions…) so this “forces” me to open that side of myself more. Much appreciated.

  102. Sally is terrific! Can’t wait to see her new cookbook–

  103. While a younger generation just Googles the recipe they want – those like me like to read a good cookbook! Just for fun and of course I always make recipes that I find in a cookbook. This one looks to be another treasure to thumbed and plumbed over and over. I’ll hand it down to the next generation even if she is still googling. Thanks for continuing to share these wonderful ideas with us.

  104. I would absolutely love to experience this book. I’m such a fan of The Improvisational Cook. So inspirational and satisfying for palate and soul.

  105. So sorry. That giveaway is long over. Hmmm. I knew a Bruce Pollock long ago…???

  106. I would love a copy of Sally’s book! Her recipes are so creative and delicious!

  107. Sally’s genius is veiled by her straightforward presentation.

  108. Despite the purchase of many cookbooks in the intervening years, this remains my ‘go to’. The perfect combination of technique and improvisation. Every recipe I have tried has been perfect.

  109. WOW, I’m honored and knocked out!! Thank you.

  110. Even me, who will just grab at whatever’s still edible to tame the hunger beast can dream of inspiration and actually planning a lively repast with your book in hand. Please choose me and thank you for the opportunity to do something good for myself

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