Isabel Rower's hand art
photo: maria robledo

Occasionally, Maria Robledo emails a picture of the latest “hand” drawing her daughter Isabel has made. We’ve got a small collection, and love them because we’re big fans of hands (and other parts of the body) as a drawing/writing palette (we especially love to write signs hidden in the palm of our hands). The one above came with the note: “two days left of school”: seems like a pattern full of celebration and possibility…an Isabelian play on Indian Mehndi tattoos made with henna.

Isabel often draws stylish young women on her hand (along with random designs):

photo: maria robledo

photo: maria robledo

…She lets them lounge…

photo: maria robledo

…and dance…

photo: maria robledo

…and leap!


Just with a few colored pens…

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