photos that shift your view

Two photos from Magical and Otherwise reminded us of the complete shift of view that can come when we open our eyes to what’s hiding-in-plain-sight all around us.

photos that shift your view

Some one left these little messages behind…took the time to draw a heart at the base of a street light (what was she/he thinking?)…

We don’t know if the smiley face was random or on purpose. No matter.

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2 replies on “unexpected shift of view (look around!)

  1. A few years ago someone painted a stencil to fit on a pathway brick outside our library that read “Keep your heart open” I liked reading that as I moved along, season after season.

    As for stickers, sometimes they fall off my kids clothes and land in the oddest of places. But your post reminded me that just this weekend I finally peeled one off of my kitchen floor that had been there for days. Perhaps I’ll encourage the lads to do some guerilla stickering this summer.

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