'improvised life' laboratory
photo: sally schneider

On Thursday evening, we published pictures of ‘the improvised life’s laboratory – our new space – after all hell had broken loose and we were struggling to get some perspective on a day where everything had gone awry. We did manage to, with the help also of some hilarious and generous Comments from readers. One couldn’t help laughing at the disparate array of chairs that pepper the place. (We’ve got a thing for odd 50’s chairs)…

…and others who basically said LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE, like all that light streaming though the windows. We got it, and one-piece-at-a-time, little-by-little, eating a couple of tacos in between, put things in order…for NOW, until the next level of wild life comes through the door.

photo: sally schneider

(Another visual sleight of hand: the office mess disappeared behind a moving wall, which we’ll post down-the-line.)

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